Wavecontrol introduces the new WaveMonRF60 EMF personal safety monitor

Ready for 5G networks up to 60 GHz

CPI SMP Division Develops New Technology 

To extend the life of TWT Amplifiers up to 50% longer with the CPI LIFEEXTENDER™ ADVANTAGE.

TDEMI X40 - Lowest noise floor at 40GHz

The world’s fastest EMI Receivers, TDEMI eXtreme from Gauss Instruments now also provides the lowest noise floor in comparison to any EMI Receiver with a range to 40 GHz.

64-Bit Click Rate Analyzer to CISPR 14 and CISPR 16-2-1

Gauss Instruments announces the release of their TDEMI Click Rate Analyzer (Option CLICK-UG ) which is full compliant to CISPR 14 for the ultra-fast TDEMI Receiver Series. 

Disburbance Power Measurements in Real-time per CISPR 14 and CISPR 16-2-1

Gauss Instruments announce that Disturbance Power Measurements can now be made instantaneously with a full gapless bandwidth using the new Option QCDSP-UG with their TDEMI X Receivers

Gauss Instruments -TDEMI X

645 MHz Real-time Analysis Bandwidth for Full Compliance Testing.  Read more...

More flexibility for your emission measurements – TDEMI M+


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