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What is Wi-Fi 6 And How To Evaluate Human Exposure To EMF

CPI SMP Division Develops New Technology 

To extend the life of TWT Amplifiers up to 50% longer with the CPI LIFEEXTENDER™ ADVANTAGE.


TDEMI X40 - Lowest noise floor at 40GHz

The world’s fastest EMI Receivers, TDEMI eXtreme from Gauss Instruments now also provides the lowest noise floor in comparison to any EMI Receiver with a range to 40 GHz.

64-Bit Click Rate Analyzer to CISPR 14 and CISPR 16-2-1

Gauss Instruments announces the release of their TDEMI Click Rate Analyzer (Option CLICK-UG ) which is full compliant to CISPR 14 for the ultra-fast TDEMI Receiver Series. 


Disburbance Power Measurements in Real-time per CISPR 14 and CISPR 16-2-1

Gauss Instruments announce that Disturbance Power Measurements can now be made instantaneously with a full gapless bandwidth using the new Option QCDSP-UG with their TDEMI X Receivers

Gauss Instruments -TDEMI X

645 MHz Real-time Analysis Bandwidth for Full Compliance Testing.  Read more...

More flexibility for your emission measurements – TDEMI M+


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