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  • CPI SMP Division
    Traveling Wave Tube High Power Amplifiers Instrumentation HPAs 1 GHz – 40 GHz Frequency Ranges CW & Pulse Combined Pulse Reliable & Ruggedly Built to MIL-STD-801E Built-In Fault Diagnostics Many Options Available Millimeter Wave HPAs KA Band Outdoor Uplink Q Band Outdoor TWTAs Satellite Communications Compact Weatherproof for Outdoor Operation Military Satcom HPAs Environmentally Sealed Packaging for Outdoor Operation TRI-Band Availability SUPER LINEAR® TWTAS KLYSTRON HPAs SOLID STATE BUC & PAs CLICK HERE TO GO TO MANUFACTURER WEBSITE
    CONTROL PRODUCTS · Generic and Custom Designs · Switches · Attenuators – Fixed and Controlled · Phase Shifters · Threshold Detectors · Limiters AMPLIFIERS · Broadband Linear PA’s · Band Specific HPA’s · CW and Pulse · High Power up to 10 KW · Legacy Amplifiers MULTI-FUNCTION ASSEMBLIES · Antenna Selectors · T/R Modules · Switch/Combiners TRANSMITTERS · Mission Critical Applications · Scalable up to 100's kW · (m + n)ART™- Automatic Redundancy Technology · Built-In Backup Virtually Eliminates Downtime of 24/7 Surveillance Radars PASSIVE COMPONENTS · Filters · Combiners/Dividers · Multiplexors · Couplers · Terminations/High Power Loads CONTRACT MFG. & TESTING SERVICES · Build to Print · Pick ‘n’ Place Manufacturing · Automated Testing Click here to go to Manufacturer’s website Advanced Electronics for Defense and Aerospace Industries (
    Conducted Immunity Test Systems IMU3000– The only user upgradable multi-tester on the market. Small and compact, 6 & 8kV system External couplers up to 60-V/200A 3 phase IEC61000-4-2, -4, -5, -8, -9, -11, -12, -16,-19, -29 Electric Fast Transient (EFT) Surge (CWG, Ring wave, Telecom) Damped Oscillatory Wave (DOW) AC / DC Dips & Interrupts AC / Impulse / DOW magnetic field Common Mode/ Differential Mode Magnetic Field IMU4000– Same modularity as IMU3000 4.4 kV: EFT, Surge / 5.1 kV EFT option /16 kV ESD Military Test Systems MIL3000 Meet the MIL-STD requirements with an easy to use automated test system MIL-STD-461G CS106, CS115, CS116 One coupler for tests (CS115 & CS116) Extendable to meet DO-160section 17 and 19 Total of 5 tests possible Avionic/Airborne Test Systems AVI3000 DO 160 level 3 and MIL-STD-461 CS117 Internal level test system Waveforms included: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5A, 6 Applications: PIN Injection, Cable Injection, Ground Injection V/I ranges for Single Pulse, Multiple Pulses and Burst MIG0600MS – Multi Stroke MIG0600SS, MIG0618SS, MIG3618SS – Single Stroke MIG-OS-MB– Multi-Stroke Multi Burst DO 160 section 22: WF1, WF2, WF3, WF4, WF5A, WF6 Different level systems all the way up to level 5 Airbus ABD0100.1.8 waveform Voltage Spikes The only equipment available to meet the latest requirements for the Airbus A350 Damped Oscillatory Waves DOW3000 Slow & Fast Damped Oscillatory Wave Generator 100KHz to 30MHz According to IEC 61000-4-18, IEC 60255-22-1, ANSI C37.90.1 1.2/50us impulse up to 8kV IEC 60060-1, IEC 61180-1 With MF1000 also IEC 61000-4-10 Built in automatic 3-Phase CDN ESD (ElectroStatic Discharge) ESD3000 – The only 30kV ESD Simulator which is both AA battery powered and completely hand-held, eliminating any need for a tethered base unit. 16 kV model is expandable to 30 kV IEC 61000-4-2 Edition 2 compliant Additional discharge networks available, MIL, DO, ISOOne system can do it all, just add what you need when you need it ESD3000 IEC – Configured for IEC61000-4-2 only, up to 16 kV Impulse Generators – The Most Available Telecom & Data Lines Electric Vehicles, Charging Stations Insulation & Protective Devices Electricity Meters Component Testing: Capacitor, Circuit Breakers, Relays, Solar Panels Harmonics and Flicker Sales Distribution and Service for EMC Partner has been provided by HV Technologies, Inc. Manassas, VA. since 1994 CLICK HERE TO GO TO MANUFACTURER WEBSITE
    Compact Conducted Immunity Test System for immunity testing acc. to IEC/EN 61000-4-6 with integrated signal generator, RF-power-amplifier, directional coupler and 3-channel RF-power-meter Compact Conducted Immunity Test System for immunity testing acc. to IEC/EN 61000-4-16 Radiated immunity test systems acc. to IEC/EN 61000-4-3, ISO 11452-2, MIL-STD 461, RS 103 Full-compliant EMI-Receiver with FFT for emission measurements from 9 kHz to 6 GHz Control software for automated emission and immunity testing Complete range of antennas for emission and immunity testing in the frequency range from 9kHz to 40GHz Wide range of RF-Power-Amplifiers from DC to 40 GHz and output power up to 12,000 W EMC Control-Unit “ECU 3/6” with integrated signal-generator, relay-witching-unit, directional couplers, RF-power-meters, EUT-monitoring GTEM-Cells E-field-sensors, battery-, or laser-powered Low-frequency- / Magnetic-field-test-system for emission and immunity tests, for example magnetic-field-testing up to 1000A/m, MIL-STD 461 testing, parts CE101, CS101, CS109, RE101, RS101 CLICK HERE TO GO TO MANUFACTURER WEBSITE
    TDEMI MEASUREMENT SYSTEMS - EMI RECEIVERS TDEMI ULTRA SERIES - Full Complaint 685 MHz Real-time analysis bandwidth Dynamic range of more than 100dB Multi-GHz real-time scanning up to 40GHz 6dB RBWs acc. to CISPR, MIL, DO, ANSI, FCC Fastest super-heterodyne receiver on the planet Model and Frequency Range TDEMI ULTRA 6 -- *DC 6GHz TDEMI ULTRA 18 -- *DC 18GHz TDEMI ULTRA 26 -- *DC 26.5GHz TDEMI ULTRA 40 -- *DC 40GHz *DC with option DC-UG TDEMI X - eXtreme Series - Full Compliant 64,000 times faster than conventional instruments Model and Frequency Range TDEMI X1 -- 9KHz 1GHz TDEMI X3 -- 9KHz 3GHz TDEMI X6 -- 9KHz 6GHz TDEMI X18 -- 9KHz 18 GHz TDEMI X26 -- 9KHz 26.5GHz TDEMI X40 -- 9KHz 40GHz Options available to extend frequency down to either 10Hz or DC TDEMI Standard Series - Full Compliant Model and Frequency Range TDEMI 30M -- 9KHz 30MHz TDEMI 1G -- 9KHz 1GHz TDEMI 3G -- 9KHz 3GHz TDEMI 6G -- 9KHz 6GHz TDEMI 18G -- 9KHz 18GHz TDEMI 26G -- 10Hz 26.5GHz TDEMI 40G -- 10Hz 40GHz TDEMI Mobile, Mobile + Series 12 Volt Power Supply For Portability - Full Compliant Model and Frequency Range TDEMI M1 -- 9KHz 1GHz TDEMI M3 -- 9KHz 3GHz TDEMI M6 -- 9KHz 6GHz CLICK HERE TO GO TO MANUFACTURER WEBSITE
    Located in Manassas, Virginia, HV Technologies Inc. focus is providing EMC and High Voltage Testing Solutions using leading edge technologies utilizing the highest quality and most reliable instrumentation and equipment available. HV TECHNOLOGIES, Inc. has assembled a strong team of partners and is the premier North American Sales Distribution and Service Provider for: EMC Partner Frankonia Innco Systems Montena Pontis EMC Products Prana Schwarzbeck In addition, HVT offers a wide range RF Test Accessories which include many types of Antennas, Horns, Antenna Masts, Tripods, LISNs, CDNs (Coupling/Decoupling Networks), Absorbing Clamps and Signal Generators. Services that they offer include Systems Integration, Installations, Commissioning, Customized Training, Seminars, Calibrations, and a full service repair facility with factory trained Service Engineers. CLICK HERE TO GO TO MANUFACTURER WEBSITE
    Positioning Systems for the EMC Industry Turntables Antenna Masts Antenna Stands 3D Measuring Systems Positioning Accessories Controllers Dynamomators Various Systems Field Probe Positioner Antenna Adaptor Cable Slide Bar CLICK HERE TO GO TO MANUFACTURER WEBSITE
    PCB Immunity Immunity Development System Mobile EMC Workstation for Proto Development Field Probes and Sources (E & H Field) Mini Burst Field generators EFT/Burst Generators Burst Detectors Optical Signal Transmission PCB Emissions Emissions Development Systems Near Field Probes (E & H Field) PassiveActive Preamplifiers Shielding Tents LISN’s Measurement and Calibration Stations ESD Field Set (Electric & Magnetic Fields) ESD Generator Cal Kit Scope Shielded Measuring Station Field Sources Cal Set CI Measurement Station IC Measurement Technology IC Test Environments Immunity Emissions Simulations Langer Scanner Positioning Systems 3 & 4 Axis Measurement Systems Near Field Probes & Microprobes IC and PCB Applications Chip Scan ESA- Software CLICK HERE TO GO TO MANUFACTURER WEBSITE
    Test and Measurement Systems NEMP Simulators Pulse Current Injection Shielding Effectiveness Conducted and Radiated Susceptibility ESD 300 KV Test set up for Helicopters HPEM Generators NEMP PCI Conducted Susceptibility High Speed Pulse Generator Accessories Antennas and Lines Radiating Lines Impulse Radiating Antennas TEM Cells Strip Lines / Parallel Plate Lines E/H Field Generators Helmholtz Coils Pulse Measurement Field Sensors Ultra-fast Voltage Sensors Passive Integrators Impedance Adapter Bal-un & Pulse Inverter CLICK HERE TO GO TO MANUFACTURER WEBSITE
    Powered By Polarity Military Pulsed TWT Amplifiers Military High-Power AC to DC and DC to DC Converters High Voltage to Low Voltage DC to DC Converters High Power Microwave Amplifiers – TWT, Klystron, Magnetron, and CFA High Voltage Microwave Tube Test Sets High Voltage Solid State Modulators High-efficiency transformer-less PV inverters Tethered Drone, Tethered UAV Power Factor Correction Modules – single and 3 phase CLICK HERE TO GO TO MANUFACTURER WEBSITE
    EMC Hardened Audio and Video Systems Complete Integrated Turnkey Video / Audio Systems Large Selection of EMC Hardened Shielded Cameras High Definition Color Video Cameras Standard Definition Color Video Cameras Compact Video Cameras – Remote or Manual Control Special HIRF Hardened Video Camera Systems Camera Controllers Shielded Audio – EMC Hardened Audio Systems Intercom Sound System and Accurate Sound Monitoring Shielded Fiber Optic Extenders: Ethernet, USB, CAN bus, I/O. CLICK HERE TO GO TO MANUFACTURER WEBSITE
    High Power Solid-State Amplifiers Amplifiers with unmatched performance and reliability. Meets the demand of every test and measurement application where linearity and load tolerance is a must. 10 KHz – 6 GHz, 11 Different Series of Amplifiers to choose from Up to 12 KW Class A – Robust Design will deliver Power into any mismatch and load. Upgradable in Power for when the Standards or your testing needs change Quick Front Panel Diagnostics and Service provided in the USA by HV Technologies. 3 Year Warranty CLICK HERE TO GO TO MANUFACTURER WEBSITE
    EMC / EMI Antennas ( 9 KHz-40 GHz ) Antenna Adapters Antenna Mast / Tripods LISNs & Artificial Mains Networks CDNs – (Coupling/Decoupling Networks) Helmholtz Coils Absorbing Clamps EM Clamps for Conducted Immunity Voltage Probes Absorbing Clamps Pre-Amplifiers Field Near Field Probe Sets Strip Lines / TEM Cells Many Types of Accessories CLICK HERE TO GO TO MANUFACTURER WEBSITE
    SPEAG (Schmid & Partner Engineering AG) SEMCAD X – Matterhorn What is SEMCAD X – Matterhorn? SEMCAD X – Matterhorn is a full – wave 3D electromagnetic simulation software that offers seamlessly integrated solutions to address a variety of engineering challenges. Suitable for simulation of fields of all frequencies in support of a wide range of applications such as safety assessment, EMI/EMC, antenna design and optimization, 5G, wireless power transfer, dosimetry, optics, high performance computing, and the design of microwave and mm-wave waveguide devices. DASY6 What is DASY6? DASY6 is the latest generation of the Dosimetric Assessment SYstem optimized for specific absorption rate (SAR) measurements, SAR compliance, and HAC evaluations. DASY6 builds on the power of our industry-leading dosimetric and near-field evaluation system, DASY52. Running on a significantly more robust platform and a more powerful measurement server, DASY6 offers much faster scanning with no sacrifice of measurement precision. All hardware and software are fully compatible with DASY52. The new system seamlessly integrates three software solutions: cDASY6 Module SAR, optimized for SAR compliance testing to significantly reduce SAR assessment costs cDASY6 Module mmWave, a novel software developed for power density compliance testing at mm-Wave frequencies DASY V5.2 for generalized near-field evaluations with maximized flexibility. cSAR3D - SAR System with Novel Vector Array Technology What is cSAR3D? cSAR3D is the most advanced vector array system for conducting fast, high-precision Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) measurements of wireless devices for testing the compliance of devices with national and international safety guidelines. SAR testing is now faster and easier than ever, with high accuracy within one second, ensuring a quicker entry of your new wireless products in a highly competitive market. ICEy - Interference & Compatibility Evaluation System What is ICEy? ICEy is the most advanced reactive near-field EM scanning system offering micrometer precision and a high degree of measurement automation. ICEy is the scanning tool of choice for the compliance testing of 5G millimeter wave transmitters as well as for the analysis of EM interference and compatibility (EMI/EMC) in highly integrated electronics. ICEy provides accurate EM measurements of the device-under-test (DUT) traceable to international calibration standards and also allows independent interlaboratory comparability of EMI/EMC measurement results. ICEy is a turnkey testbed that supports all features for precise, user-friendly, efficient, fast, and highly autonomous near-field analyses, developed in close collaboration with industry for the chipset, EM packaging, mobile communications, and medical markets. ICEy is a turnkey system in which all equipment necessary for high-precision EMI/EMC and 5G mm-wave near-field measurements are highly integrated. mm Wave What are our 5G solutions? The wireless industry is working hard to meet the ambitious roll-out plans of mobile service providers for 5G services. WiGig is already available, and the first 5G network will be tested during the Winter Olympics 2018 in South Korea. In parallel, regulators and standards bodies are developing suitable and scientifically sound methods and instrumentation for demonstrating compliance with safety limits of handheld and body-mounted devices operating at frequencies >6 GHz. The safety limits for 5G exposure should be based on the specific absorption rate (SAR) for frequencies below 10 GHz and on surface-averaged power density above 10 GHz. SPEAG – once more at the forefront of development and innovation – already offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions to support the design and compliance testing of transmitters developed for emerging 5G technologies. The SPEAG 5G Solution includes SEMCAD X for transmitter design and determination of worst-case exposure configurations, as well as DASY6 or ICEy, with the novel EUmmWV2/SW Module 5G for demonstration of compliance with exposure limits for distances as small as 2 mm from any transmitter. Click HERE For Overview EM Phantoms What are EM Phantoms? EM Phantoms are physical models of the human body that accurately reproduce the effect of the body on electromagnetic (EM) radiation. SPEAG's whole and partial body EM phantoms represent humans in terms of dielectric properties in a wide range of frequencies from <10 MHz to >100 GHz. They enable reproducible and consistent over-the-air (OTA) performance evaluation of wireless devices operating in the proximity of the body. EASY6 What is EASY6? EASY6 is a complete redesign of our widely used Electromagnetic (EM) Exposure Acquisition System EASY4MRI. EASY6 is smaller, more cost-efficient, and connects up to 16 of our classic probes including E- and H-Field, dosimetric, and temperature probes via an optical link (EASY6-DAE + EASY6-EoF + EASY6-RU) to the computer. EASY6 is designed to operate anywhere, including MRI and EM hostile environments. DAK - Dielectric Assessment Kit Product Line What are DAK, DAKS, and DAK-TL? The Dielectric Assessment Kit (DAK) product line offers high-precision dielectric parameter measurements (permittivity, conductivity, loss tangent) over the very broad frequency range from 4 MHz to 67 GHz for applications in the electronic, chemical, food, and medical industries. The product line consists of 1) DAK single probes solutions, 2) DAK Systems, and 3) DAK-TL the first system ever able to measure thin-layer materials and small volumes of liquid MAGPy What is MAGPy? SPEAG’s Magnetic Amplitude and Gradient Probe System (MAGPy) is a cutting-edge all-in-one instrument for fast and reliable compliance testing according to the basic restrictions for wireless power transfer (WPT) systems and any other near-field sources operating at frequencies of 3 kHz − 10 MHz. The device is constructed of 24 small time-domain (TD) loop sensors arranged on the corner of a cube for determining the magnetic (H/B) amplitude and gradient and three dipole sensors to measure the electric (E-) field amplitude. Conservative estimates of the induced E-fields, current density, and specific absorption rate (SAR) in the human body at any position are compared to the basic restrictions, while the incident H/B- and E-fields are compared to the reference levels and displayed in real time in the time or frequency domain (FD) on the intuitive graphical user interface (GUI). By comparison with basic restrictions it lowers the overestimation introduced by compliance testing with reference levels by up to 40 dB. MAGPy is fully compatible with the latest IEC standards. TDS SYSTEMS What are our Time Domain Systems? The TDS product family offers a wide range of active photonics-based RF measurement solutions operating in the frequency range from 100 kHz – 6 GHz (24 GHz). TDS brings unparalleled sensitivity for EM measurements resolved in the time and frequency domains while maintaining all amplitude and phase information. OH4VNA - Optical Head for Vector Network Analyzers OH4VNA is a bi-directional radiofrequency (RF-) over-fiber link that offers the most reliable means to measure the S11 of electrically small antennas in the 500 MHz – 6 GHz frequency range. Previously, in mobile, body-worn, or implanted devices, the exact measurement of the antenna performance was often seriously hindered due to the presence of RF cables connected to antenna, which change the electrical size of the device and, thus, also the impedance of the antenna to be measured. With OH4VNA, we present a new system, one that is based on our proven time domain sensor (TDS) technology, in which the RF cable to the antenna port is replaced by a non-disturbing fiber-optic system that requires no external or battery power. This is a major breakthrough, as this system is transparent to the RF electromagnetic (EM) fields created by the antenna and, therefore, allows the device to be characterized under fully isolated conditions.
    Products Shielded Chambers – Anechoic Shielded Rooms High Voltage Chambers MRI Shielded Enclosures Shielded Cabinets Shielded Doors Connector & Access Panels RF Waveguide Vents & Feed Thru Hatches, Lighting, Sprinkler Systems RF Power Filters, Signal, Data, Telephone Filters Services RF Testing & Enclosure Certification Enclosure Relocation & Upgrades Maintenance of RF Doors & Accessories Engineering & Consulting Services Site Surveys Magnetic Shielding Design Gauss Field Testing CLICK HERE TO GO TO MANUFACTURER WEBSITE
    High Performance Elastomeric Gaskets, Seals, Tubing, Moldings, and EMI/RFI Shielding Gaskets EMI Shielding Gaskets/Conductive Gaskets Fabricated EMI/RFI Shielding Products M83528 EMI/RFI Shielding Gaskets Heat Conducting Elastomer Custom Rubber Seals & Gaskets Rubber / Silicon Extrusions Custom Rubber/ Silicon O-Rings EPDM Elastomers / Profiles Rubber/Silicon Tubing Food Grade Silicon Molded Rubber Products/ Rubber Goods CLICK HERE TO GO TO MANUFACTURER WEBSITE
    SMP3 – Portable Field Strength Meter Three Models; Broadband (DC-60GHz), Dual, Selective Real-time FFT based Spectrum Analysis (DC – 10 MHz) Weighted Peak Method (WPM) for automatic and real time comparison Integrated GPS USB & Fiber Optic, PC Software included WaveMon - EMF Personal Monitor ​WaveMon LF-400 0 Hz static field, 400 KHz WaveMon RF-8 8 GHz WaveMon RF-60 60 GHz - 5G Ready Electric & Magnetic Field Detection Weighted Response & Isotropic Alarms - Audible, Visible and Vibration Datalogger Capability, GPS, Altimeter Field Probes – E & H Field​ E & H Field (1 Hz – 10 MHz) E Field (100 kHz - 60 GHz) H Field (300 kHz - 1000 MHz) (DC- 40 KHz) E Field (Mobile & Wi-Fi bands) For use with SMP3 and MonitEM MonitEM – Continuous Monitoring ​24x365 Continuous Monitoring Power – AC, Solar Panel, Battery Up to 3 kHz in LF and 60 GHz in HF Control Center Monitor Management MonitEM-Lab Indoor Monitoring 24/365 Continuous Monitoring Realtime, audible and visual alarms Easy monitoring of EMF Exposure Control Center Monitor Management cMonitEM – Compact Monitor​ 24/365 Continuous Monitoring Compact indoor or outdoor installation Specific mobile phone / Wi-Fi signals MapEM – Electromagnetic Mapping​ Non-Ionizing Radiation EMF Maps Assessment of electromagnetic radiation at street level in large areas (cities) Year-on-Year Comparison CLICK HERE TO GO TO MANUFACTURER WEBSITE
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