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Safety in Electromagnetic Fields:
RF/EMF safety – Your safety is our main concern.


Wavecontrol produces professional quality EMF instruments for measuring electromagnetic fields for applications covering 1 Hz to 40 GHz.  


Developers of industry leading instruments for the measurement, monitoring, and evaluation of human exposure to electromagnetic fields. All devices manufactured are delivered standard with an ISO 17025 accredited calibration.


Wavecontrol’s wide range of field probe sensors are all interchangeable between their family of devices to offer the most extreme measurement flexibility. In addition, Wavecontrol have just released the wearable WaveMon EMF personal safety monitor with isotropic sensors and RMS response for detecting and measuring electric and magnetic fields. 


Whether it be Industry, Energy, Defense, Lab/R&D, Test, RFID/EAS, Telecommunications, Electro-medicine, Railway/Electric transportation, broadband or specific frequency band, Wavecontrol have the right EMF Measurement products for your need.

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