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EMC Partner

Sales Distribution and Service in the USA has been provided by HV Technologies, Inc. – EMC Solutions since 1994.


EMC Partner is the worldwide leader of transient test systems. EMC Partner’s vast product line has been proven time after time to be easy to set up and offer very clean, highly repeatable waveforms. HV Technologies is factory trained and certified as a service and calibration center to get North American customers quicker turnaround times for repair and calibration. Our relationship with EMC Partner means you get excellent sales and service for years to come.


EMC Partner's products cover the following markets: Avionics, Military, Automotive, Telecom, Commercial, CE Mark, Medical Electronics, IT Electronics, RF Test and Measurement, Protective Devices, and Components.


Products from EMC Partner cover the following tests: ESD, Switching Transients, EFT/Burst, DOW, Surge, 10/700 Surge, Ring Wave, and Dips, Interruptions and Variations.

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