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INNCO Systems

Positioning Systems for the EMC, Wireless, and Antenna Testing & Measurement Industries.


Innco Systems GmbH is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of positioning systems for EMC (EMI / EMS), Wireless, OATS, RF, RCS, HF, Antenna, and Anechoic Chambers test and measurement applications. The product line includes turntables, dynamometers, automatic and manual antenna masts, antenna stands, and testing accessories.


Innco Systems specializes in the design and manufacture of positioning systems, from standard products to custom designs. With all products manufactured in Germany, only the highest quality system is provided to a worldwide customer base.


As an independent supplier, customer orientated solutions are our focus. We aim to be flexible, quick to respond and to give our customers the added value, which allows them to be competitive in a global market place.


Our own in-house EMC facility allows us to develop new products quickly and cost effectively.

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